Sub-Contractor Requirements

ABL utilizes a Master Agreement method for contracting work from sub-contractors. A master agreement is signed and all work is awarded on a one page work order that defines project specific scope and any special terms. By signing the main contract once, we are able to streamline the process to award work and efficiently process change orders. We also use a digital signature service to expedite agreements to our customers, sub-contractors and suppliers. This means less time waiting for authorization when a job is awarded and faster turn around time if/when change orders occur.

In addition to our sub-contractor agreement, ABL requires that a subcontractor be up to date on insurance requirements dictated by our insurance company and the State of Colorado.

Below is a brief checklist of the documents we need to setup a sub-contractor to be on our bidding list. To the right are some links to documents that can be filled out and signed directly from this website.

Checklist to be an approved bidder to ABL Design & Construction

  • Fill out the New Sub-Contractor Contact Form
  • Sign the Master Sub-Contractor Agreement
  • Send proof of General Liability Insurance showing ABL Design and Construction as “Additional Insured”
  • Send proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Fill out a W-9