With ABL’s Design Services you are sure to receive unmatched value from start to finish.

1The process begins with an initial meeting to discuss the existing space and the scope of the design/re-design.  This meeting helps us to determine what your needs are and it gives us the opportunity to answer any questions about the services we offer.  We are not Architects, Engineers, or Interior Designers.  We highly respect those professionals and their dedication to provide specific, valuable services to the construction industry.  Your project may require one or more of these services and ABL has developed strong relationships through the years with some of the best design professionals in the industry.  Our in-house design team can supply architectural modeling, drafting, and design/code consulting services, on a stand alone basis or in conjunction with any design plan.  In some cases our customers have a vision for their project that we can help them develop by leveraging existing technology and our intimate knowledge of building code, finishes and assemblies.  Many times we can provide a significant savings over other design models.

2After our initial meeting we will give you a proposal outlining costs of the design phase and our recommendations for the design process.  This will outline the services that we can provide you in-house as well as any portions we believe would benefit from the expertise of one of our design partners.

3Once a defined design plan is in place, the first step is to take full stock of the existing space, systems and finishes.  This can be most easily done by using any existing plans and taking dimensions on site.  Using this information we can create a digital 3d model of the existing conditions and start plugging in proposed construction assemblies and systems.  After our model has been drawn we can review the proposed construction in virtual 3d space with you and any project partners to evaluate the effectiveness of the design.  After the initial design is agreed upon we can use the model to produce floor plans, elevations, sections and isometric drawings.  Depending upon the agreed upon design plan these drawings are either: handed off to a design partner, used directly for the construction phase or held by the customer for a future project.

4It is at this point that the dynamic nature of an architectural model again shows its added value in the design process.  Using the basic model we can demo finishes, textures, appliances and furniture in a digital 3d space to ensure that the design is being represented appropriately to our customer, sub-contractors, suppliers and design partners.  This model can be manipulated on-the-fly to adjust to conditions that can only be realized in a full 3d environment.  We find that this means fewer surprises and a better understanding for our customers to make informed decisions about their project.

5Finally with a complete design in place our approach to a full featured design continues to add value for our customers.  From our model we can produce video walkthroughs and first-person views of the designed space that can be utilized for our customers marketing or capital raising purposes.

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