TI Architectural Visualization Service

What are we offering?
We are offering an as-built plan and modeling service including an on-site consultations with your prospective tenants.  Our intention is to help realtors show their properties in the best light possible by opening a virtual window into how the property can meet the needs of individual tenants.  We can accomplish this by creating and manipulating an architectural visualization of your space.

How does that help you?
You have a commercial space to lease.  The businesses that are shopping for space are highly diverse in their visions of how they want their space to look when they take occupancy.  The likelihood that your space as-is will meet even one of these tenants perfectly is slim and it’s difficult for most business owners to visualize the possibilities at a new space.  That’s where we step in to help you.  We will leverage our knowledge of commercial construction codes, materials and practices together with our technical edge in 3D visualization to help you show your prospective tenant what is possible for the space.  Our experience with this value-added service is that this can shorten the amount of time between a tenant looking at a space, signing a lease and ultimately contracting a tenant finish or remodel.  Bottom line:  you have a rent paying tenant on board faster than through the traditional process.

Steps to complete Tenant Architectural Visualization

1.  Site visit to take measurements and pictures. The amount of time varies by the size and complexity of the space, but generally this  will take between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
2.  Construct virtual 3D model of as-built building. Depending on our work-load at the time we can generally have this model complete within a week.
3.  Produce marketing materials from model. These materials vary depending on what you think will be helpful to help show your space.  We are your partner in this effort, so we take your input very seriously.  Our materials will be branded with ABL’s information and cannot be re-branded.  However,  we are happy  to include your branding in addition to ours.  Some examples of these materials would be: existing floor plans, video fly-throughs, interactive 3D models and renderings.
4.  On-Site meeting with prospective tenants. This is an important part of the process.  Many times we can manipulate the model on-site to represent your prospective tenant’s vision.
5.  Estimate approximate costs to complete work. A major benefit of this process is that when it comes time to place a dollar sign next to a prospective tenant’s vision, we have a clear understanding of what is required to make that vision a reality.  We can produce an accurate estimate of the work and provide options for reducing costs.
6.  Sign Leases Faster. We believe we can not only help set your space apart from the competition with our value-added services, but also shorten the lease signing process.  We think you’ll agree.

Click and drag your mouse left-right to move model

For a limited time we are offering this service free of charge as a networking tool to make contact with building owners, realtors and business owners.  This service is not contingent on our new contacts awarding us work.  We believe that our excellent customer service, commitment to quality and 25+ years in the construction business will speak for itself.

Thanks for your time.  We look forward to working with you!